Hire Faster with Calendly: Pro Tips for Recruiters

Durée du webinaire

50 minutes

Looking to level up your interview-scheduling game? Join this webinar to learn pro tips for hiring top candidates faster (and improving their experience!).

You’ll hear from special guests Erica Raphael, VP, People at Muck Rack, and Odlenika Joseph, Recruiting Coordinator at Muck Rack, on how their team reduced time-to-fill by 8 days using Calendly’s features for recruiters.

In this session, we’ll cover how to:

  • Reduce manual effort and time spent scheduling to focus on high-value projects

  • Improve the candidate experience with automation

  • Accelerate interview pacing with Workflows

  • Work smarter at scale with Managed Events

Whether you're a longtime Calendly user or just getting started, we'll provide tips and tricks for all experience levels. Bring your questions for the live chat!

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