A Calendly Inaugural Report

The State of Scheduling 2023

People are spending too much of their lives scheduling meetings — 1 in 4 workers spend 3-4 hours a week! AI promises to free up time for work that matters, like building better customer and prospect relationships. But it won’t happen overnight. And hint: most have yet to use it.

We surveyed 1,200 professionals in the United States and United Kingdom about scheduling, meetings, and time management — and how AI will eventually affect them all.

Read The State of Scheduling report to:

  • Find out what’s the new productivity killer — particularly in hybrid offices

  • Learn which AI capabilities workers are excited to use vs. which ones they actually trust 

  • Steal the best time-saving work habits from successful teams

  • Reveal the impact AI capabilities will have on your productivity

Access the report now to discover the latest data and insights on the future of AI-powered scheduling.

"We’re tapping into this AI optimism at Calendly and leaning into what people need to make scheduling and meetings the most productive and focused they can be."

Stephen Hsu

Diretor de Produtos, Calendly

Discover the latest data and insights on the future of AI-powered scheduling